Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year's celebrations are with us, and as is customary in this country we exchange our gifts.  In the past, in Malta, people exchanged gifts on New Year's Day (L-Istrina) instead of being brought by X'Mas Father.

L-istrina has now become synonymous with the fund raising event which is hosted by “Where is Everybody” and broadcast on all the local TV Stations.  The L-istrina event supposedly supports the “Community Chest Fund” - a philanthropic Institution that is under the patronage of His Excellency The President of Malta.

Charity is a good thing,  and I still have childhood memories of my parents taking me to Valletta and making me buy a gift from my pocket money to put under the massive tree in Freedom Square to be given to some kid with less means than mine.  The sense of fulfilment and joy still permeates every inch of my body every time I remember those times.

These values are long gone.

Nowadays charity is given through a breathtaking media event called L-Istrina, with great gifts being given to the public in  exchange for their donations!

I wonder:
  • Is it just another lottery?
  • Is it true that,  should there be no lottery winnings, the Community Chest fund would raise less money?
  • Are the Maltese such avid gamblers who would not otherwise donate money for charity?
  • If all the gifts that they put for lottery are turned into cash, would the total cash generated be the same or maybe more?
  • Does all the money go to the Community Chest Fund and/or other beneficiaries?
  • How is the selection of the beneficiaries done?

We should all give charity by all means, from the bottom of our heart and with all our love.

Best wishes to all Il-Manoċċa readers.

PS: to add insult to injury, last Sunday I came across an article in a local newspaper claiming that the premises/area hosting the L-Istrina 2008 event is built without proper MEPA Permits!

Might is Right....
I scratch your back and you scratch mine!!

I think we all know the outcome.  The Authorities will be charitable towards this prominent building contractor/businessman and issue him the proper permits as he desires.; possibly prior to the eve of the event.


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